Voices heard worldwide at Women's March

More than 2 million people in all 50 states and seven continents around the world marched in solidarity at the Women's March on January 21. Make America Smart Again joined the march in downtown Los Angeles where over 750,000 people showed up to make their voices heard. The streets were filled with families and friends, including men supporting their daughters, wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters and female friends, who were all protesting peacefully for women's issues, the environment, immigrants' rights, and much more. 

Although the march was hugely successful, people must continue to remain engaged and active. The official Women's March website reads "Thank you to the millions of people around the world who, on Jan. 21, came together to raise our voices. But our march forward does not end here. Now is the time to get our friends, family, and community together and make history."

To keep the momentum going, find out how to join the Women's March campaign here: 10 Actions for the first 100 Days