Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

Each year on April 22nd people around the world take time to reflect and celebrate the earth. Although it is only labeled once a year in our calendar, we believe that every day should be Earth Day. Now more than ever our planet is becoming a victim to the impact of climate change. Results have shown that sea levels have risen about eight inches, the average temperature has increased nearly two degrees (1.1 Celsius), and our ocean acidity has gone up by 30 percent. With the temperature continuing to get warmer, pollution and further disruptions will continue to affect the living.

Learn more about the impacts of climate change and take a stand against climate with some of these leading forces!

Friends of the Earth, is a global network that is present in 74 countries and has over 1 million members. Their mission is to take a stand and to defend the environment by standing up against some of the economic drivers.

Greenpeace, was created in 1971 and has over 2.8 million members worldwide in over 50 countries. Their strategy is to use peaceful protest and creative communication to help expose and promote environmental problems.

Natural Resource Defense, was founded in 1970 by a group of law students and attorneys. The current board continues to ensure that the NRC organization maintains its promise to ensure the rights to clean air and water.

Next Gen America, acts politically to help prevent climate disaster. Since their founding in 2013 the organization has supported environmentally friendly candidates and has registered more than 1 million voters worldwide.

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