How to Vote Absentee

Primary elections across the country are coming up and our home state of California’s primary elections are happening on Tuesday June 5th. With hectic schedules that include work, school, or vacation, some find it hard to make the time to head over to their designated voting location to cast their vote. By registering for an absentee ballot, it makes things easier for those that are unable to find time out of the day to make it down to the polls.

MASA created a guide on the steps for signing up for an absentee ballot.

1. Make sure you are a registered voter. Registering to vote takes only a few minutes and can be down by clicking on this link. If you are unsure about your voter registration status it can be checked on the same website here.

What if you missed the May 21st deadline to register to vote? If you missed the deadline there is still a chance to register as a Conditional Voter. This allows the conditional voter a 14 day period prior to election day to head down to the office of their county officials election building and request to vote as a conditional voter. This allows the voter to vote on Election Day on a provisional ballot.  Locations of your local county official building can be found here.

2. Find your local election office at this link and look for “Absentee Ballot” or “Voting by Mail.” 

3. Fill out the application

4. Mail the application to your election office. Address can be found at the end of the application. California voters must have the application received by May 29th.

5. Drop off your completed and casted ballot, including vote by mail ballots, in person to your voting location on June 5th before closing time at 8pm. Sent by mail ballots must be postmarked on or before June 5th.

And if you don’t live in California, find dates and resources on elections in your area here.

MASA wishes all of the voters good luck and congratulations on taking the time to cast their vote! Make your voice count!