First Time Voter's Guide

MASA was created to empower individuals to use their voices to make a difference. With primary and midterm elections emerging, we hope this important message will reach the new body of first-time voters. Making your voice heard at the polls is not only empowering, but also exciting! If it is your first time voting, check out our guide down below for all first-time voters.

1.  Make sure to register to vote before the deadline for your respective state.  

2. After finding your polling station, make sure you know what to bring. Most times the details are sent in the mail on a voter card. If your card has been misplaced, you can find your voting location here.  Most states may require you to bring a photo ID, find out here to see what you need.

3. Once you arrive to the polls there will be a check-in station to get started. If you are notified that you are not registered to vote you may ask for a provisional ballot.

To find out more information on being a first-time voter check out this article by Teen Vogue, and read their ongoing series "Running! A Guide to Getting Involved in Government."