Voter CheckList


1. Do you know what will be on your ballot?

For Californians - There are 17  propositions  on the California ballot so it's important to do your research ahead of time.  You can get started by reading detailed explanations about each proposition HERE.

And if you don't live in California, find out what's on your ballot in your state HERE.

2. where is your polling place?

Find your polling place by entering your registered voting address HERE. 


Head out to the polls on Nov. 8 and make your voice heard by voting! No excuses - you can find early vote options in your state HERE.

Californians can get more preparation tips for the big day on November 8th from KPCC's Voter Game Plan. 


  • Millennials are the most diverse generation in this country's history and are in the majority for the first time. As the largest voting bloc this election, they have the power to define our future by voting in the next election. 
  • 31 states (plus Washington D.C.) offer online voter registration. That means voters in 20 states aren't able to register to vote online.
  • 11 states offer some form of same-day or Election Day voter registration.
  • Voter ID laws are in place in 33 states, with 11 states implementing strict voter ID laws that may require voters to return to an election office within a few days following the election and present an acceptable ID to have their provisional ballot counted.
  • 37 states, plus DC, allow any voter to cast a ballot prior to Election Day with no excuse required.


(According to CIRCLE/Tufts University)

  • In 2012, a Presidential Election year, 45 percent of young people, ages 18–29, voted. This was down from 51 percent in 2008.
  • In 2014, during the Mid-term elections, 19.9 percent of 18–29-years old cast a ballot. That was the lowest youth turnout rate ever recorded in a federal election.
  • In California, only 8.2 percent of eligible voters age 18–24 cast a ballot.



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